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Prospect Music Studio started in 2014 offering guitar lessons in Brooklyn,NY. Located within a community of musicians at Prospect Lefferts Gardens in Brooklyn, across the street from Prospect Park and a two minute walk from the B/Q train.


Prospect Music Studio is run by guitarist & composer Stelios Mihas, an experienced music educator who served as faculty of the South Shore Conservatory in Boston for years before moving to NYC & is currently a member of the Ezra Guitar faculty. 

Inspired by the infinite tonal possibilities of the guitar, Stelios' musical activities range from classical to jazz & contemporary improvised music to freelancing with a wide range of groups. He has played dive bars & basements as well as concert halls and stadiums.


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"To educe means to draw out or to evoke that which is latent: education then means drawing out the person's latent capacities for understanding and living, not stuffing a (passive) person full of preconceived knowledge."

Stephen Nachmanovich, Free Play

 What we do

Electric, classical or acoustic

If you are passionate about music & the guitar we will get along real well! Whether your interest lies in the electric or classical guitar I can offer a structured program of study based on my experience studying & working with some of the leading artists of both musical worlds.


 ages and levels
During the past 14 yrs I've been fortunate to work with over 500 children and adolescents, of ages 4-18, and adults, up to 81 years old. This experience has allowed plenty of time to work with complete beginners as well as advanced students and groups of various ages.

Individually-tailored course of study

Everyone has their own pace & learning style. While studying together I will continuously tailor our sessions to best address your goals at the given moment.

SKYPE lessons

If you don't live at a convenient distance from my studio, I also offer lessons via Skype. This method has proven to be a great alternative with several students of mine that have had o move, had a long commute, or even live abroad.

what about the music?

Besides focusing on the instrument, Music Theory/Harmony, Ear Training & Composition will be integrated or sometimes become the focus.


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* Recorded/toured as guitarist/composer/producer/musical director with

internationally acclaimed musicians & ensembles such as free jazz living legend Daniel Carter, the contemporary music ensemble ALEA III, multi grammy awarded artist Residente, composer & multi instrumentalist Marcelo Toledo, pianist extraordinaire Leo Genovese, sufi-inspired singer Arooj Aftab  a.o.

* Faculty of Jazz/Rock & Classical Guitar Dept. at the South Shore

Conservatory in Boston & the Ezra Classical Guitar school in NYC

* Jazz Studies: Mick Goodrick, Ed Tomassi, Hal Crook. Tim Miller, Dave Tronzo a.o. @ Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA.

* Classical Studies: Evangelos Assimakopoulos, Yorgos Kertsopoulos, Kostas Grigoreas.

Masterclasses with Oscar Ghilia, Roland Dyens, Hupert Kappell a.o.

A little bit about my practice

Q: But learning how to play an instrument is hard work, right?

My approach is fun & relaxed. I just don't believe in suffering through practice. And yes, like all things as deep & vast like music, learning it can be challenging or hard work at times.

Hard work can also be extremely gratifying. 

Every one is unique and our approach will be tailored just for you. We will work at your pace and with what comes most natural to you. Taking into consideration your goals and desires I will structure and keep refining a program that is ideal for you.

Q: I don't have any time to practice, how can I expect to get better?

Whatever your level is at the moment, we can work out a plan where you will see significant progress within 5-10min of focused practice per day. It really comes down to knowing how to break things down & understanding where to focus in order to break through to the next step. Hey, if you have 20m we can get quite a lot done actually..

Q: But music theory makes me dizzy, I just want access to the music I like..

Music theory is there to help organize & name things of the common practice for you, but so many great artists did without it. I guess after some level of curiosity it becomes inevitable not to get into it, but that said, it is not a pre-requisite for great art. Many examples around.

I use a variety of teaching tools during my lessons and will cater those tools toward the needs of each individual. Drawing on techniques & concepts from 2 rather diverse traditions, we will focus on finding ways to get around the instrument, while learning fundamentals & (maybe) theory through music of your choice.


Q: I'm pretty advanced on the instrument but feel more stuck now than when I was starting..

I hear you. Well, probably you need some feedback that will get you out of your ruts.

Maybe you have been focusing on technique more than your ear, 

or maybe you need to make your practice more of a creative endeavor. 

Or just need a little push to finish those ideas that have been sitting around for a few years now.

Or a combination of the above. We all get stuck, there are ways to break through.

Q: So you mean this could actually be a fun & rewarding experience for me?

Definitely, I have seen it happen again & again throughout the years. The power of music can lead to a life changing experience. it is always a magical moment during classes when a students gets suddenly hit by a wave of inspiration as we are working our way through some music or other material.

Music is the universal language.

Everyone is welcome to this amazing world. 

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