A little bit about my practice..



My approach is fun & relaxed. I have always felt that music should be fun and there's no reason that learning to play an instrument can't be fun too. That said, learning music can be challenging or hard work at times. Every one is unique and the idea of fun differs for each student. We will work at your pace and with what comes most natural to you. Taking into consideration your goals and desires I will structure a program that is customized.

Whatever your level is at the moment, we can work out a plan where you will see significant progress with 5min of practice per day. It really comes down to knowing how to break things down & understanding where to focus in order to break through to the next step on a specific topic.


I use a variety of teaching tools in my lessons and will cater those tools toward the needs of each individual. Drawing on techniques & concepts from 2 rather diverse traditions, we will focus on finding ways to get around the instrument, while learning fundamentals & music theory through music of your choice.


During lessons I might use other instruments to accompany the student or just as a means of inspiration when needed. Additionally, since some of the fundamentals of music lend themselves in a more obvious way to other instruments. The guitar is a unique & beautiful instrument and as such it has it's own peculiarities built in. Demystifying the ways the fingerboard works will open the road to artistic expression.



 The bottom line is: we will build the direction of your musical trip together. The first time we meet, we will talk about your musical interests and goals, and we will design a curriculum that fits you. I work with each of my students to determine and constantly refine their path.