"As a guitar teacher, Stelios is able to create a fun and nurturing environment in his studio while successfully setting high expectations and giving students the kind of constructive feedback that is necessary to develop musical skills and technique in a variety of genres"

Kathy O.Czerny - President of South Shore Conservatory of Boston,MA

"Whether it's an ensemble setting, chamber music concert or solo performance, Stelios displays his talent, work ethic and confidence."

Ed Sorrentino - Jazz/Rock Department Chair, South Shore Conservatory of Boston, MA

"A talented and skillful guitarist, Mr Mihas is able to detect subtle bad habits that I'd acquired over the years and remediate them with targeted skill practice and modeling of exemplary technique."

Jennifer deChiara, Ph.D. - classical guitar

"Stelios' passion for playing and teaching is always evident. My daughter has taken a keen interest in jazz guitar, due to the infectious nature of Stelios' love for it." 

Lauri MacKinnon - parent